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12:05 - 12:20

Guided tours and Network in the exhibition

14:00 - 14:20

Guided tours and Network in the exhibition

16:00 - 17:45

Muni Expo - Day 1

16:00 - 16:05 Greetings

 Haim Bibas, Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, Mayor, Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut

16:05 - 16:10 Keynote speaker

 MK Yair Lapid, Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs

16:10 - 16:40 Mobilizing national and municipal health campaigns in the pandemic era

 Michel Thieren, MD, MPH; Special Advisor to the World Health Organization, and Regional Director for Europe on COVID-19

 Prof. Salman Zarka, Head of "Magen Israel" (Chief COVID-19 Officer)

 Dimitris Papastergiou, Mayor of Trikala and President of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE)

 Mr. Amir Kochavi, Mayor of Hod Hasharon

 Prof. Diane Levin-Zamir, PhD, MPH, MCHES; National Director, Department of Health Education and Promotion - Clalit Health Services

The recent pandemic made national and municipal governments initiate and manage large-scale health campaigns. What is there to be learned from this experience?

16:40 - 17:10 Is Covid 19 the only pandemic to fight?

 Gabriel Groisman, Mayor of Bal Harbor – Florida

 Uwe Becker, Hessian State Commissioner for Jewish Life and the fight against Antisemitism

 William C. Daroff, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations’ CEO

 Dr. Einat Kalisch-Rotem, Mayor of Haifa, Israel

How can municipalities overcome challenges such as xenophobia, racism, and antisemitism while managing a global crisis?

17:10 - 17:40 Will 2022 be a year to remember?

 Erion Veliej, Mayor of Tirana - Albania

 Dr. Asher Salmon M.D Ph.D, Director, Department of International Relations at the Ministry of Health

 Fleur Hassan Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, International Relations Economic Development and Tourism

 Mr. Jean-Pierre ELONG MBASSI, General Secretary of UCLG Africa

 Mr. Bahij Mansour, Mayor of Isfiya

Will the next year mark the end of the Covid pandemic, or should we prepare for new developments?

12:00 - 12:25

Guided tours and Network in the exhibition

14:00 - 14:20

Guided tours and Network in the exhibition